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Brick Cutting.
We have our own purpose built brick cutting workshop from which we can produce high quality hand cut gauged pieces from our own washed clay BBT Rubbers for use in fine work. We are proud to have supplied all the brick arches for the award winning refurbishment at St Pancras Station, amongst many other prestigious projects around the Country.

We can also cut our own hand made facing bricks into plinths, squints etc according to your requirements if moulding is not an option. You can bring in your own bricks for cutting and bonding where special solutions are required.

Our cutting blocks:
We produce a range of cutting blocks to meet the requirements of work from different periods.

BBT Fully Washed Rubbers –
10" - 11" x 5" x 3" and
9" x 5" x 3"
BBT Unwashed Block
BBT Fully Washed Grade II

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