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Gault Clay

As far back as the Middle 1600s roof tiles, floor tiles, and bricks were hand-made from a seam of Gault Clay which ran in a comparatively narrow line from Lincolnshire into Norfolk, through Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and onwards.

This Gault Clay carries little iron or organic material and building products made from this clay over hundreds of years, have fired to a characteristically light buff with pinkish tinges.  From the second quarter of the 18th Century, the tiles and bricks were acquired for their strength as well as their appearance.

It is now over a hundred years since this Gault Clay was hand-moulded into bricks and tiles which were so characteristic of the parts of England where this clay was dug. The current business was restarted 16 years ago to produce traditional Cambridge Gualt tiles to restore the listed roofs of the Cambridge and Ely area. The business has since expanded into other handmade products, from copings to floor tiles and clay lump blocks.

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For many years, salvaged materials met the need for hand-made tiles for restoration or matching work, which is a diminishing source. With the help of English Heritage, Local District, and County Councils plus several Charitable Trusts, the Cambridgeshire Tile and Brick Company was created close to the original site of the Burwell Brickworks. Production commenced in 1993 and with a range of hand-made products to order, from local Gault Clay.,


Passionate about tradition 

Cambridge Tile & Brick Company was taken under the stewardship of Bulmer Brick & Tile in 2008. Our small and committed team continues to produce handmade wares using the finest Gault clay seams found at Burwell. All products are made to reflect the charm found in vernacular buildings along these seams of clay. The range includes tiles, pantiles, facing bricks, floor bricks, all roofing furniture, and specials; all produced in keeping with conservation requirements. 


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Producing Distinctive Quality 

The distinct cream, buff, and pink range of colours soon weathers to create a good match for conservation and restoration purposes, as well as enhancing new build projects. 

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Gault Tiles

Our range of roofing products are handmade from Cambridge Gault clay and as such may exhibit variations associated with traditional handmade products.

Pantiles are made with nibs only but can be drilled and fixed at pitches over 45º or on verges on exposed roofs. Our peg tiles have holes made by hand and are not uniform, they should be hung with aluminum or copper nails or traditional pegs. All our tiles are soaked once drawn from the kiln to neutralise any problems relating to fossil blow which can occur if a fossil is present within the clay and is a feature of traditional tiles within the area. 

We make a range of ridge tiles for use with our peg and pan tiles. These can be either hog-backed, half-round, or flat ridge type. With all roofs ventilation is paramount and to assist, we do supply ventilated ridge tiles to match the standard types.