BBT Traditional Cutting


We have our own purpose-built brick-cutting workshop from which we can produce high-quality hand cut gauged pieces from our own washed clay BBT Rubbers for use in fine work. We are proud to have supplied all the brick arches for the award-winning refurbishment at St Pancras Station, amongst many other prestigious projects around the Country.

We can also cut our own hand-made facing bricks into plinths, squints, etc according to your requirements if moulding is not an option. You can bring in your own bricks for cutting and bonding where special solutions are required.

Our cutting blocks include:

We produce a range of cutting blocks to meet the requirements of work from different periods.

BBT Fully Washed Rubbers 
10" - 11" x 5" x 3" and 9" x 5" x 3"

BBT Unwashed Block
BBT Fully Washed Grade II


We can produce hand-cut & rubbed and gauged arch work as single pieces or as arches fully bonded to arch lintels, from our own and customer-supplied materials. 


Our cutting workshops can apply any process required to produce decorative and structural brick masonry features by cutting, carving, bonding, fabricating, reinforcing, re-facing, or manufacturing bespoke solutions. Working with architects, builders, main contractors, and bricklayers alike, we apply both traditional and modern skills that are increasingly difficult to find in the modern construction market.


Ground Pozzolanic Material.

 The use of pozzolans dates back to Roman times, when crushed, brick was added to lime cement to create a stronger setting mortar. We have found that our brick has this pozzolanic quality, and when added to lime cement can recreate the attributes of Roman mortars.

Our Ground Pozzolanic Material (GPM) comes in two basic colours – red from our own red bricks, and buff/yellow/pink from bricks made on our Cambridge site. We can produce fine, medium, or coarse grades and these are supplied in 25kg bags to order.



We are stockists of Singleton Birch Natural Hydraulic Limes and Lime Putty. Hydraulic lime is available in NHL2, NHL3.5, and NHL5 strengths, and comes in 25kg bags or bulk tonne bags if required.  Lime putty is available in 40kg (30l) tubs with lids. We also stock a specially fine lime putty for pointing fully fine-gauged arch work.

We have a range of finish coat materials and also stock horse and goat hair for plasterwork.

Lime is a natural material most suited for laying our bricks as it has a natural strength, but unlike modern cement, it allows a certain degree of ‘movement’ in the structure.  Most conservation work today calls for the use of lime plasterwork or renders and we always try to keep a good stock of lime in our lime barn.